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Randy Banas Live performances

Randy has many years of live performance experience and continues that ministry at various venues today including:

IN 2017

  • Dec 3 - New Life Church

  • Dec 7 - Dayeg Event

  • Dec 10 - Radical Church

  • Dec 17 - Light of the World

  • Dec 24 - City Grace Church

  • Dec 31 - City Family Church

IN 2018

  • Jan 7 - Word of Life

  • Jan 21 - Church of Christ

  • Project 7 Quenzon City

  • April 21 - Friends of Sinners Ministry

  • August 19 - Radical Church, Philippines

Radio Airplay 

Randy V. Banas is a registered artist with the FILSCAP Radio stations that have featured songs from "The Gosple" album. These stations include( see puctures below):
New J FM
P22 IMG_0138.jpg
P35 IMG_1973.jpg
Easy Rock Yes FM
P25 IMG_0141.jpg
P42 IMG_1987.jpg
Magnum Radio
P13 IMG_0129.jpg
P36 IMG_1976.jpg
IFM Bacolod
P17 IMG_0134.jpg
IFM Iloilo
P19 IMG_0135.jpg
WIN Radio
P16 IMG_0132.jpg
Other Radio stations include Wild FM, Love Radio, Bay Radio, DXKO TV
Other Media Documentation include:
Business Week-Philippines
P26 IMG_0142.jpg
P84 IMG_2386.jpg
Worship Leader Magazine
P82 IMG_2364.jpg
P81 IMG_2363.jpg
Randy's song "Healer of my soul" is to be featured in new edition of worship Leader magazine's Song Discovery as a new worship song.
Mindanao Daily - Philippines
P83 IMG_2382.jpg
Owensboro living article featuring Randy Banas
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